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Společnost DEC Modena je firma specializovaná na výrobu elektrických tahačů a podlahových mycích automatu.

Elektrické tahače                                                                                                                                      Podlahové mycí automaty


The company was created according to an initiative by a family working in the metal-mechanics production sector since 1947: in particular, following a long period in a business operating in the forklift truck sector, it was then acquired by Hyster/Yale.

Based on this experience of more than thirty years, DEC spa was created in 1996 to take advantage of the commercial and technical knowledge acquired by its staff. The range of its own products will later include industrial floor scrubber-dryers and electrical tractors.

The company has always been orientated towards the European market and has its own commercial network which includes almost all the European countries. It competes on a daily basis with all the industrial firms operating in the sector. The philosophy that allows us to operate in this market with success is, basically, professional reliability.

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